FLIGHT/VIDAS is now available online and for individual paper and pencil administration. The forms available are:

  • For individual or paper and pencil administration:
    • 20 item general health literacy scale
    • 10 item health literacy screening tool
  • For computer administration:
    • General health literacy scale, or HL (40 items). This is the most comprehensive assessment of health literacy, and includes prose and document comprehension tasks, numeracy items, listening, and conceptual health knowledge
    • Numeracy, or NUM (20 items). This scale includes items that require quantitative skills including arithmetic, quantitative reasoning, and basic probability
    • Conceptual health information, or FACT (14 items). This scale assesses only a range of specific factual knowledge related to disease and health.
    • Listening comprehension, or LIS (13 items). LIS assesses understanding material presented in video and auditory formats, including healthcare encounter simulations (how to take a new medication and informed consent) as well as information on health promotion.

Data on how each of these scales was developed is presented in the FLIGHT/VIDAS User Manual. It can be downloaded here.


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