The details of the initial development and validation of FLIGHT/VIDAS are presented in the FLIGHT/VIDAS Manual, available for download on our downloads page (click here). A hard copy of the manual is also available by request by filling out the form on the “Getting FLIGHT/VIDAS” page (click here).

The original paper detailing FLIGHT/VIDAS development was published in Patient Related Outcome Measures. The full paper can be downloaded free of charge here. A preprint of this paper is also included as an appendix to the Manual.

FLIGHT/VIDAS was created in a series of steps by an expert multidisciplinary team that included representatives from medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, and pharmacy. Items were created in English and Spanish and translated to be culturally appropriate for users in either language, and designed to test a wide range of content that included not only health care but health promotion and information search. Items were pilot tested with a group of 50, then further tested with groups of English and Spanish speakers. After meticulous evaluation of item content and feedback from more than 200 users, the final group of 98 items has been administered to more than 475 individuals.

This video accompanies the original article in Patient Related Outcome Measures and gives an overview of the development and validation of FLIGHT/VIDAS:


Validity of FLIGHT/VIDAS

The validity of FLIGHT/VIDAS has been further demonstrated in a number of ways, including showing its relation to other health-related variables in addition to relations to existing measures of health literacy. Performance on FLIGHT/VIDAS is related to health-related quality of life, use of health services, and physical health status.

Additional data on the validity of FLIGHT/VIDAS is presented in the following paper (available online in Patient Education and Counseling):

Quality of life, health status, and health service utilization related to a new measure of health literacy: FLIGHT/VIDAS

A preprint of this paper can be downloaded here: FLIGHT/VIDAS Validity QOL Health Status Utilization (302 downloads)

The corrected version of the paper is available here. (Subscription required).

Paper at the 2013 International Conference on Communication in Healthcare:

Information on the validity of FLIGHT/VIDAS was presented at the 2013 International Conference on Communication in Healthcare in Montreal.

A new computer-administered measure of health literacy:  Validity and relation to quality of life in Spanish and English

The Powerpoint can be downloaded here: FLIGHT/VIDAS relation to quality of life (295 downloads)

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