A new way to find out what information and skills your patients need. Integrated with a way to get them what they need, when they need it, so they can understand and use it.

Find out what your patients or clients need to know,

A quick 10 minute assessment can help you identify the unique learning needs of your clients. The right information in the right format is more likely to be acted upon.

Step One: Evaluate

A quick 10-minute assessment will help you understand your patients’ needs. Do they have below basic or basic health literacy skills, or are they proficient?

Step Two: Decide

With our Precision Health Information technology™ you will instantly know the best strategy to deliver your message to your patients and clients.


Step Three: Deliver

You can use the FLIGHT/VIDAS ASK model of health literacy to create powerful healthcare related messages for individuals with below basic, basic, intermediate, or proficient levels of health literacy.

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